Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday with Sublime and Etsy

Good Saturday Morning  O_o  I'm up and at em' minus my first cup of coffee.  However I wanted to make my Saturday Treasury-- which was inspired by Sublime's Doin' Time also known as Summertime.  This song obviously reminds me of summertime... me and my hubs use to listen to Sublime all the time.  But then we had kiddos so now we live in a Kids Bop World.  

Just a quick warning there are words and some unpleasant phrases in this song....
You know you become a Mommy when you listen to the lyrics and then say what?  I don't remember that
I use to jam out to this... oh wells I love Sublime anywho.

And now for my lovely Summertime Treasury List on Etsy

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