Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Jacqui and her husband Dan are both grieving the loss of their son, Ryan. 
I do not personally know the Saldana family.
I do know the love you have for your child.
I cannot fathom the pain they're facing at this time.
Yesterday, my Instagram feed was flooded with beautiful images of sweet Ryan.
I was in awe of the love and support for this family.  To me, the outpouring of love was the Instagram/Blogging community wrapping their arms around this family and keeping Ryan's memory alive.
Jacqui's best friend, Alissa from Diary of an Addict has asked that we share pictures of Ryan on social media.

"Will you grab a picture from Jacqui’s Instagram feed, and post it to yours?
Will you share words of encouragement and tag #RedBalloonsforRyan?
Also be sure to tag Jacqui, @babyboybakery and Dan, @danno12"
Again, I'm in awe. Alissa's request has been shared and followed through countlessly.  Today… I'm asking you to share an act of kindness in honor of Ryan. 

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