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#AskAwayFriday with @BethAtStructure


It's been a few weeks since I've participated in a good Q & A via the ever-so-popular #AskAwayFriday. I'm happy to jump in and swap questions with one of my bloggy gals Beth of Structure in an Unstructured Life. Beth, is a sweetheart. Trust me, you'll love what she's blogging, tweeting, and Instagraming :) Beth is filled with great tips, annnnd she is such a sweet loving mother with two super adorable boys.
Don't forget to check out Beth's blog to see what I asked her and how she answered.  Want to see other Q&As?  Click the image below for my blogger #AAF linkups.


1. Your kids are 12, 8, and 5. What are your favorite and least favorite things about these ages?

Okay, this one is a toughie because I love these kiddos the good, bad, and ugly. However, as much as I love them, I know they are of me, which means they're not perfect but perfect enough.  Their love is perfect.  Their laughter, perfect. Their hearts, perfect.  Cuddles, hugs, and entertainment-factor…. you guessed it, perfect :)

12 Favorite: We're creating a new relationship, we can talk, laugh, and she still gives me hugs :)

12 Not so Favorite: As much as I do enjoy the newer mature relationship, I do miss her just being my baby girl that needed me.  There are days she is okay with just reading a book and listening to music, instead of hanging out with me.  If I'm being completely honest…. I don't enjoy the tween sass. I can do without it.  

Favorite: Exploration. My daughter is loving learning more, she is always asking why.  I love her need to learn and explore more. Bonus: She holds my hand on occasion, cuddles me often, and she gives me free sugars :)

8 Not so Favorite: I don't know if this is my daughter being 8 but she's getting a little bit of sass.  This is new for us because she's our little love bug. We think she may possibly be mirroring someone else's sass….

5 Favorite: The excitement of each day.  My little guy is excited about each day, he cannot wait to tell me about his day.  I of course love the endless I love yous, handholding, cuddles and sugars.

5 Not so Favorite: He has become a bit more independent, and as much as this is good, it scares me. #Boys

2. I know you've lived in Texas, the Chicago area, and now South Carolina. Do you consider yourself a big city lady, or a small town gal?

I use to think I was a small town girl.  I do still enjoy the country and I can see myself owning land with my own family farm. Nonetheless, I miss walking down the streets of Chicago, having everything at my disposal in the Chicagoland 'burbs.  I guess that's why I love my visits to Downtown Charleston, there is a slight feeling of city there :)

3. With this weekend being Mother's Day, what has surprised you the most about motherhood?
How much I love it! I was a young mother, therefore I was an insecure mother.  I always felt I had older mothers looking down and judging me. 
I wasn't sure if I was going to be a good mother or if I was going to enjoy it.  I remember seeing other mothers look defeated.
Yes, at times I've felt defeated but I LOVE MOTHERHOOD.
And as much as I'm hard on myself, I know I'm a damn good mother :)

4. If you had to predict what careers your kids will go into, what would be your best guesses?

Hmmm.. this one is fun!
My 12 year old: She's good at arguing a point she could possibly be a lawyer. She enjoys helping people, which also makes me think she would make a loving teacher. 
However she's also into the stock market (because she's a Daddy's girl) I could totally see her working on Wall Street and then leaving Wall Street, to return to her true passion… baking.  She loves to bake.

My 8 year old: She's the artist. She loves creating. She doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. She LOVES HGTV.  I could totally see her working on refurbishing old homes or running the bakery with her big sister :) 

My 5 year old: He's a numbers guy and Lego builder.  I think he could be an architect, perhaps working with his big sister. He really wants to go to the NBA but I'm his Mama the odds are kind of against him, however anything is possible.

5. One of the things I love about being a mom, is the entertainment factor you get from kids! What is something your kids have done that has made you laugh hysterically?
These kids make me laugh everyday.  They are super witty, I have absolutely no idea where they get it…. eh hem.

Although, I have plenty funny stories, I love when they are matter of fact.  I always think it's funny when they make a grownup WTH face, at the right time.  It cracks me up!

6. You are definitely a positive person! I consider myself a glass-half-empty girl, who desperately wants to be a glass-half-full girl. During challenging times, what helps you to remain optimistic?

Thanks Beth! I do not see you as glass-half-empty girl at all.  I actually consider you to be quite similar to me, someone trying to stay happy & positive.
Trust me I'm not always positive and I'm quite snarky.

I take myself to my grateful spot. It may sound weird but I just remind myself I have plenty to be grateful for. When my kids complain I always ask them "Did you wake up this morning?" Followed by, be grateful. I do the same, I remind myself I woke up and I have my beautiful life. Life is good, tough at times, but good.

7. I read you donate your hair every few years – that's awesome! I donated once, but have to admit I have not done again because I hated my hair short! Which do you like best – long hair or short?

My daughters and I have made it 'our' thing to donate our hair.  I'm a sucker! When I cut my hair I want long hair and when I have short hair I want long hair.  I'm currently in a civil war within, I feel like I "need" to do something with my hair. I want to cut my hair but I also want beachy hair this summer…. oh decisions decisions.

8. If you had to choose one cause you are most passionate about, what would it be?

I'm passionate about our Troops and their families.  We have soldiers fighting our battle daily; they bring that home with them.  I don't think most people realize we still have our troops overseas fighting for our freedom.  War effects not only the soldiers but their families.  I know this firsthand
For the longest time I have wanted to put together art kits for military children.  When their parents deploy it's hard, I believe art, whether it be drawing, writing or painting can help express their feelings of sadness. 

9. I know you love to read, too. What has been the best book you've read so far this year?
Shameless plug for my girl Becca.  Her book Everything But The Posts is such a great book for anyone thinking of creating a blog or someone like me who didn't think they were going to blog :) I have learned plenty of great tips thanks to Becca. (Now, I need to implement them)

I'm currently enjoying Stephen King's book, On Writing.
I just wish I could find more time to read..

10. What are you most looking forward to this summer?
More of the beach! I cannot wait to build sandcastles, bask in the sun, read, countless library visits, SLEEPING IN, and lazy days.

Thanks for swapping with me Beth!

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