Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Artist Doing Her Thing

If you visit me often, you've heard me speak of my little artist. 
She's the little girl who fills my heart with rainbows.
When we moved here to SC we were delighted to find out that she & my son would be attending a school for the creative arts.  The Artist has been able to act and explore with art, which is totally her thing!
{This is a picture of the artist when she was 4, she was always drawing}
This weekend her work, along with other artful classmates' work, was showcased at Barnes & Noble. (I   B&N)
The artist wrote and illustrated a book entitled Pigerella.  The book  is super cute! She worked vigorously on her book (she knew we would be on vacation during the deadline) she did it, she pulled together a well written and beautifully illustrated book in time to be featured.
She was so happy when she saw people picking up her book and reading with smiles across their faces.
Me? Well, I was beyond proud.

The Jenny Evolution

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