Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Weekend in Pictures {Wordless Wednesday}

This weekend was all about having fun and discovering more of what South Carolina has to offer.
We're enjoying new experiences as a family here in South Carolina :)
We found a new breakfast spot that's sooooooo good, it's bad! I wish I would have taken a picture of what I ate, it was delicious!!!!
Yes, I'll admit it, this weekend I cheated on Paleo.

Friday night we let the kids stay up late putting together our Disney Vacation scrapbook.

We quickly had the chance to take in the beauty of  Angel Oak Tree. We showed up late, therefore these are the ONLY two pictures I took.
It started to rain, and the park ranger was rushing everyone out….
Awww what an adorable family! I wonder what happened to the Mama?

My husband and I enjoyed a Pho and movie night date.  
I tried to go noodleless but I just couldn't.


The kids were up early Easter Morning. 
The easter bunny hooked them up ;)
If you look closely you'll see: one of the girls' Target $1 Spot Easter wreaths, hubby cooking in the kitchen, and check out my new table.
Oh, here's a picture of the eggs my kiddos dyed. I totally think they were inspired by our new plates.

How was your weekend?

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