Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wordless(ish) Wednesday {Furry Baby & Floor Reveal}

Hey Now! Well it’s Wordless Wednesday and I’m sharing my furry baby
He just turned ONE! MAXIMUS ALAWISHES   is  getting big so fast, 
I’m also sharing an obvious floor reveal { Floor 3}

So, we didn’t realize our dog was going to camouflage with the floor.  Unfortunately his hair-that-I-have-to-sweep-up constantly doesn’t! I swear I need an iRobot!  Does anyone have one?  If you do does it work? 
I have to be honest I WAS IN LOVE with floor #4 but it just wouldn't work in our living room.
Who knows maybe I'll hit the powerball and I'll have gray floors in my big new shiny house.  (Ahh a girl can dream right...)

In other news TODAY is the DAY! I’m getting a new look tonight my blog will change. I’m super excited!  I also started a FB page for this here little blog 
I'd love for you to come like my page>> Thanks.

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