Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our Turkey Day

Well I certainly will not forget this Thanksgiving. 
This thanksgiving was the thanksgiving that almost wasn’t.
Everyone in our house got sick L 
Long story short without all the yucky details somebody brought home cooties.
Cooties got spread and took us down one by one. That blasted domino effect!! We even had a delay and my poor oldest baby girl was the last one to get sick on Thanksgiving night.
The rumor mill came down that one of the kiddos in my youngest daughter's class was sick with the same symptoms eh hem.
Needless to say I’m beyond THANKFUL we are all better now J
We didn’t get to do things as planned today. 
It was a lay low kind of Friday, and catch up on a million emails day.
I’m so happy all the kids laughed and smiled tonight>> ALL of them.
We had Friday Night Movie Night so things are going to be all right.

Before I became ill, and tended to the ill... I made this wreath
I took quite a few pix to share a quick tutorial before Turkey day.... and well I never got a chance to post that.  I was proud of my cheap little 5 minute wreath just in time for turkey day. 

Anywho how was your Thanksgiving?  I hope you had a day full of love, laughter, and good health.

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