Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{{Happy Valentine's Day}}

Hey everyone hope you are all having a lovely V-day! 
My babe is home sick so I get to spend some time with him... 
just trying to get him better.
It's crazy when SuperMan gets sick. 
Me and the kids aren't use to him being the sick one.
{Me & My Babe on New Year's Eve (can you tell)}
I love you Babe!
Happy Valentine's Day xoxo
I have three other special Valentine's and I love them all dearly
xoxo to my babies!
I wanted to share with you their {my babies} Valentine's they made

My 4th grader made her classmates a book mark.
My Kindergartener made these ring pop center valentines...
she didn't want regular lollipops...{i think those would've worked better}
Okay for my little guy we worked on these to give to his "girls" that's what he calls his
sisters :)
He also made some for some of the ladies in our neighborhood.
I have seen the lollipop valentine everywhere and jumped on board
but... my guy is a lover so he gives kisses and hugs
Isn't he a cutie!  To bad my printer decided to crap out on me.
The picture looks streaky because something is going on with my printer.
I'm sure the ladies will still love it :)
What are you doing today?

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