Monday, November 7, 2011

{War Baby}

My husband going to war was one of the hardest things that life has dealt me...
My heart was always heavy, I lived in fear.  I was raising our daughter.. our pride and joy, and was afraid of the what ifs...
I didn't like knocks on the door-- I did not know were coming.  
I hated missing the phone ringing because it might be him.  Snail Mail was great. R&R was better ; )
Thankfully my babe came back and we were ready to start our life as a family together again.
He made it home in time for Valentine's day and our baby's birthday.
Little did we know within days of him being home
we'd be celebrating another birthday in 9 months.

Our little war baby was born six years ago.  
She has been the best thing to us-- that has come from war.
She has to be the furthest thing from war.
                              She is love.
                              She is peace. 
She is caring.
She is giving.
She is our baby girl that is growing up way to fast.
My husband always jokes,
"She may look like me, but she is all you"
With that I say,  "thank you". What a compliment.. I mean this little girl has one of the biggest hearts.
She is always thinking about others and she is always thankful for the little things.
As much as she brings this fresh breath of air and this golden happy energy-- she has this old giving soul. We all love our little love bug.

Happy Special, Lucky, or Golden Birthday Baby Girl..
You are love and you are loved
Mama & Papa

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