Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Random

Still no laptop :( Yesterday I typed up my first blog via my iPad and I don't know how to fix the pic using the iPad grr. I'll fix it tomorrow with a link back to the source using my hub's work laptop. We took my laptop to Apple today and what do you know it turned on for them... Came home with our laptop and nothing for us! So, another day on the iPad.
At least we were able to enjoy our cute little downtown area... We had dessert for dinner! This place we went to was amazing they have chocolate cookies as big as my head..and the Mexicoco is delish! We felt like gluttons with our table filled with all sorts of yum.. we all left happy and full. We enjoyed people watching while we were there too...
I wish I could post some pix for y'all but I am still quite new to iPad blogging. Anyhow hope you all enjoyed your Saturday and hope I can get this computer situation fixed ASAP! I have some projects to share :)

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