Friday, June 17, 2011

Random Ramblings.

Howdy y'all!  It's Friday : )  and this week kinda zoomed by... kinda.  This week gave me plenty to do, but nothing really crafty on my end  : (  
{Whisper Voice: except Father's day stuff.... can't post now}
Let me see I had my finals- done
Tots to Teens Articles (fall issue)- done
Being a Super Momma- Never done... but always a work in progress
Making twenty million calls to: fix water heater, garage door opener, my student loan disbursement/pell 
Fussy Gussy @Etsy
The phone calls we're the most draining!
I forgot one phone call--> I stayed on the phone all night with one of my classmates fixing a *team* paper till 1ish in the morning.
I was on hold for what felt like forever on another phone call (garage door opener).
And the h20 heater calls did not bring us relief.
One tech came to my house and could not fit in our utility closet- did not fix tank
Another came never touched h20 heater and said we needed another one- did not fix
My handsome husband fixed the water heater. Sort of.  He fixed it, but we started to leak gas now he has to get another part, but he knows what he has to do and it will cost us $16!!
Not $1600 like the last guy said it would.
My academic counselor and finance counselor called me three way-- middle school school style
They knew I was upset (paperwork is messed up...AGAIN)
So, I guess they felt the need to tag team me... umm do you know who you're talking to?
I guess... 
That issue was worked out.

In other news...
Charlene Precious @Etsy
I'm excited for y'all to see the Fall Issue of Tots to Teens Magazine.
I don't think I have shared this info here, but I am the new Executive Editor!
Yours truly will also have her own section in the digital magazine : )
I'm sharing my granola mommy stuff.
Like organic foods and green living, which is cool because I wanted to share my adventures-
 *trying* to be 100% natural/holistic... right now I am kinda 1/2 @#$. 
We try to eat foods without dyes, but who can pass up a Twizzlers... right?
However, all my meats,veggies,fruits, are all organic and natural. 
I have my own garden so hopefully this will help offset,  what I pay for veggies and fruits
@Whole Foods.  I feel like we live @Whole Foods.

Just a little something the kiddos and I did.

...My kids are so excited for Father's Day...
They are about to burst here--keeping a secret has proven to be tough for these kiddos.
Just two more days and my hubs, their Papa can open this box.
We wrapped the box with newspaper and the kids made a paper collar for an old tie.
We used packing tape to keep the tie down : )
So, now you have an idea of what I have been up to, and why things have been sparse here.
Today I will be working on a frame project... and maybe I will work on the desk.
We'll see..
Have a Fantabulous Friday!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my random ramblings this Friday-
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