Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Few Things...

Okay, I've been a slacker pants as of late…
I've been busy trying to figure out where exactly home is.
Lately it feels as though my family and I live in our truck…
The five of us have been city-to-city looking for a place to call home, as well as a bit of sight seeing :)

{I have tons of beautiful pictures to share-- I just have to find… TIME!}

All this means….. I'm behind on all things blog!  
I'm behind on emails, comments, commenting, linking up, and I still have to get things together for Sorry, Not Sorry Social… we're back on.

Please forgive me….

There are a few things blog I'd like to share

Okay, first off I have had the privilege of working with Tots to Teens for a few years…. this week we published our final issue.  Please take a look at  Tots to Teens Magazine's final Holiday Gift Guide

I'm excited about a new linkup some of my bloggy friends started and I cannot wait to linkup each week.  Unfortunately.. because of my crazy week… I didn't this week. {BOO!}

The Patchwork Paisley

Tunesday Tuesday is a linky hosted by The Patchwork Paisley, MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter, Mommy Candy, and Drinking the Whole Bottle…. they pick the Theme you pick your Song.
I cannot wait to be a regular at this linky! This week the Theme was "Your Anthem," next week's theme will be...
A song that suits your current mood.

I recently had the pleasure of helping the #TruckLoadOfLove

The Vanilla Housewife recently took donations to help out in the Philippines, I'm so happy I was able to help in a small way.  Go check out her post, she has pictures of her aiding those in need.  I just love Jhanis!! 

So, the Mommy Monday Blog Hop is still live if you'd like to linkup we'd love to have you!  Also, this is the second week for our new host {one of my #BBFs} MrsTee!!!

My sweet friend Abby, from Always, Abby shared some bloglove; I was one of her picks for the month of November ;)  I'm touched that she thought of scatterbrain me!  I've been a hot-mess of a blogger lately.  Thank you Abby!! 

I know there's so much more to share but here are just a few bloggy things.  

Now that we're in the Holiday Season, how are you handling blogging?
Happy December ;)

P.S. I'm looking for guest bloggers…. pretty please!

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