Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Nail Polish Swap Reveal & Giveaway!!!!

It's time.. it's finally time!! The nail polish swap REVEAL is here!! 

During the last week of October Penny, Courtney, Amanda, and myself started signups for the Holiday Nail Polish Swap-- we cannot begin to tell you how excited we are with the signup turnout!  

We paired-up friends from all over the U.S (sadly, we couldn't ship nail polishes overseas). Many of those who swapped, blog, which is awesome because now you can see what they swapped via the linky below.

Before you check out the linky... here's my reveal..

My partner was

 Nicole  blogs over at Thebookbandit's Blog.  She shares book reviews, a fun weekly feature, BeautyBasics and don't miss out on her Top Ten Tuesdays :)
Here's the lovely assortment of polishes Nicole sent me
I'm one lucky gal-- I'm loving my new polishes {that my girls are eyeing-up} and my sweet handwritten note!
I just love #SnailMail!!
I cannot wait to do another swap :)

Thank you Nicole!!!
Annnnnd here's a sneak peek of my swap to Nicole...

Check out who else swapped and their reveals:

We told you there's a GIVEAWAY right!?!

Because the four of us our excited for how incredibly successful the nail polish swap was... we're having a FUN GIVEAWAY!!
You have 3 Chances to win
What are we giving away:
1st Place: One $25 Ulta Gift Card
2nd Place:One $10 Ulta Gift Card
3rd Place: One Holiday Polish Set with Nail Goodies (magazine files polish wipes)

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