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Ask Away Friday {Questions From My #BBF Courtney}

It's time for another instalmment of #AskAwayFriday!
This week my #BBF {bloggy best friend}

 Courtney from What's Up With the Wilhelms is asking me 10 fun questions!
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If you don't know Courtney already, she is such a kind woman, I'm so happy to have her as my friend.
Okay, no more keeping you in suspense
 My Q&A 

1. What is your favorite fall activity? Courtney, Courtney, Courtney... you know drinking a PSL! #PSLGangstas 

2. What is something unique about fall in Chicago?
To me, the colors. I grew up in Texas, moving here, to Chicagoland, I see Fall in a whole new light! 

I love the colors of fall, the pumpkin patches, jumping in piles of colorful leaves with the kiddos. I even considered calling my daughter Autumn.  

3. Tell me all about your love of football!
Well it started when I was a wee little one in the great state of Texas.  If you grow up in Texas, they teach you young how to love football.  My dad is a HUGE Cowboys fan, and I spent many Sundays and Mondays by his side watching games and Super bowls.  I love college ball too! To me college players are playing with their hearts and not their wallets...

4. Share some traditions you have with your family regarding football.
We are a football family. We take football seriously in this house.  Even though Mr.AOK and I are not rooting for the same team {America's Team} on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday, we all enjoy a good game! {He's a Pisspoor Steelers fan}  
We make sure in advance that we have meals planned around the game a nice veggie/meat platter and 'the' notebook.
The notebook- is where all 5 of us pick wins for every game. At the end of the season we tally up who won the most weeks and they win the prize of picking-out dessert or dinner, and putting their name/win in our family Quaker Oats Champion Container.
Oh gee... I'm realizing this Ask Away Friday, I'm showing off my competitive side...
*Quaker Oats Championships are held in my house and if you win your name goes in an old Quaker Oats Container.  There are championships for TicTacToe, first one to finish their dinner, first person to get their jammies on, and monopoly {stuff like that} (I don't like to brag but I'm sure my name is in there the most)

5. What are some things you are looking forward to doing this fall? Let me show you in pictures...
Fall colors, making applesauce and apple pie, fall decorating, pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and Fall Festing:)

I will make tons of homemade applesauce this year

My thumbtack pumpkin
My Fall wreath I made before we all caught the cooties

Halloween 2011 Statue of Liberty, Charlie Brown, and the Bee
Halloween 2011 Bee and the Bee Catcher

Halloween 2012
6. What is the biggest blog related learning experience you've had recently? 
Well... I've learned a lot lately.  One I've learned to embrace all aspects of blogging, which mosdef includes fostering relationships with other bloggers.  Social media is so imperative to bloggers, and truly using it for being social, not just promotion, assists in blog growth and friend growth :)
I've also learned that not all people keep to their word.  When you decide to hold a gift exchange via your blog there is a possibility that all that sign-up will not adhere to the rules.  Make sure you have a Plan B for those who did adhere to the rules.  
7. What was your favorite post your wrote this summer? Why? 
Oh my just one... how about top three? Courtney knows I'm indecisive.. 

Honored,Humbled,Thankful- I get real about blogging. 

I believe in- A love letter to my son. 

My first ever Vlog- well because it was extremely out of my comfort zone to do so. 
8. What was your favorite post I wrote this summer? Why?
Again... you want me to pick one! Okay, how about three?
I loved your I believe in post because it was honest, cute, and showed your personality. 
Running 1,000 Miles, I love that you and your sisters set a goal.. together! 
I loved your Easy Coffee Crumb Cake recipe post because I'd like some with a PSL please;)
9. What is one blog related goal you want to accomplish before the year ends? Grow the Sorry, Not Sorry Social... if you haven't already please linkup here.

10. What is your dream regarding your blog?
Hmm... I guess I'd like to build more bonds, and make people happy.  When I decided to switch this blog to Mrs.AOK, a Work in Progress, I wanted to blog about me and my progress through life as person, wife, and mother.  I also wanted to display kindness... so my goal would be to stay on that path-- and touch people.  {Not like that.. gross!} 
Of course being a household name and world domination are right behind that for this here bloggy blog! ;)

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