Friday, November 30, 2012

Annnnnnd thats a Wrap {So long November}

Well that went by waaaayyy to fast! Today is the LAST day of November and as much as I’m excited for December.... it’s crunch time for me!  I have quite a few projects to complete not to mention my biggest project>>>ME!
I’m going back to Texas for my best friend’s wedding {MOH} and I HAVE TO LOOK FIERCE!
I’ve been working out here and there, but I seriously need to get on the ball. If you follow me on Twitter you know I’ve been doing Insanity and golly gawh that is something else.  I’ve got till the end of this month to tighten up! Wish me luck.
This month marked my baby girl's 7th birthday. 

We had an election day theme for her.
And speaking of election day... we took the kids to vote. 
My hubby spoke to all the kids at my daughters' school for their Veterans Day Celebration 
The fall party committee & I managed to pull off the uber restricted parties..  The kids all had fun.  
I finished the Holiday Gift Guide for Tots to Teens 

 I know November is gone and over with... but this song has memories for me.  I remember waiting for November I thought my husband would make it home from Iraq in December.  I was excited for November.... but he didn't come home till later.  He left home January but didn't come back come back home till the next February.


  1. I have no doubts that you'll look fierce for your friend's wedding. This month did go by very fast. Looking forward to celebrating my birthday & Moo's as well as Christmas next month!

    1. Busy December for you my love! Wow.. is Moo going to be 4? Well I wish y'all a Happiest of Decembers :) xoxoxo AOK


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