Friday, April 22, 2011

Wordless Week- Friday

     This week I have been wordless on this here blog. Apologies.  I would love to keep your company--don't give up on me.  I have had plenty to say over at my other gig .....

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     This week at T2T I worked on Prom Week.  My Wordless Wednesday was suppose to be a picture of yours truly from my Prom.  Turns out my scanner hates me!  And back in the historic ages we didn't all have digital cameras-- so those pics are not saved on my computer--> thank goodness. Remember the days of the disposable.  
"Does anyone have a camera?"

 "Guess we'll have to get one at the Gas Station."
     While looking for a good picture of prom I had to go through the Senior book--wow!  It was kinda fun and kinda embarrassing.  My husband looked through it with me.... awkward.  Nevertheless it was good to see this old part of me.  And if I can work things out with my scanner I will be posting a pic or two.
Yours truly--
The slightly older
Not to worry I still have some Friday Finds for ya!
Friday Finds check em' out here-->  T2T Friday Find

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