Monday, April 25, 2011

eARTh day

Earth day was a rainy day... no planting trees or gardening for me and the kiddos.  However, we did have a very artful Earth Day.  We tried to reuse as many things as we could throughout the day and I think we did pretty good. 
 My Starbuck's lid got a second life 

 Yup, that's my Starbuck's sleeve 
The kiddos' lovely work

Since I did not get to plant any flowers on Earth Day-- I decided to finally finish a painting I had started and hadn't finished.
I'm calling it....

Jus' a little side note-- 
I won a pair of ReUsies from the lovely--> @YUMMommy and I love them! My daughter has been using her ReUsies for the past 2-3 weeks and she loves them too.  Her friends think they are the coolest thing.  She is excited about being Eco Friendly : )  If you have kiddos I highly recommend these reusable sandwich/snack bags.  Have you ever gone to your child's school and saw all the waste the baggies, juice boxes, etc, etc?  

These are super cute and I wish I had known about these 3 years ago. Try them out for yourself..
Thank you

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