Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Picking and Pre-Halloween Fun

This weekend, my family and I went pumpkin picking at the farm.  
We had a great time looking at all the huge, funky, and tiny pumpkins.  
We walked away with 6 pumpkins, some for Halloween, and some for Fall decor.  
I'm going to miss our little local farm we go to, it's been our yearly tradition to have the kiddos pick a pumpkin from there.  I'm sure well find a place in South Carolina, but this little farm holds great memories for us.... {sighs}

I have more pictures from years past, but these are the one's I have on hand
We've been going around town doing things knowing this may be the last time...
We were happy to take our babies to their last Trick-or-Treat Downtown.
There were so many great costumes but this one stole the show for me!
I'll give you a sneak peek of my kiddos' 
Halloween look.
Yes, I kept to my #365ThriftChallenge :)

How many pumpkins do you purchase for Halloween? Does everyone get a pumpkin?

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