Friday, October 4, 2013

I'm Squirrelly! {Blog Award}

My lovely friend Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County, kindly nominated me for the Squirrelly Blogger Award ❤️
This makes sense, I'm kind of quirky :) some may say geeky-cool... yup, I just made that one up! You're welcome blogosphere!
I gratefully accept my "Squirrelly" Award and take no offense. I'm different I get that, and love that--thank you Penny for seeing that!! ❤️ XOXO

As part of my acceptance in the Squirrelly Circle I must share 7 quirky things about me

1. I have an Anime tattoo on my back. 

2. I use to have the big time hots for the one and only Mr. Richard Gere❤️
3. I wash my hands like crazy {germaphobe}

4. I'm obsessed with sugar skulls, everything pumpkin, crazy socks, and scarves.
{That's just a few of my crazy socks... and scarves.. it's a problem} Don't forget to check out my Pumpkin Sugar Scrub Guest post at What's Up With the Wilhelms!!

5. If I'm in the Mommy G ride alone and a good mind-numbing rap song comes on... It's over! I thump in my SUV like a boss!

6. Okay, I may think I can rap.... 

7. I quote movie lines.  My family and I quote lines daily... One of my faves "you're killing me smalls!" 
The movie Kicking & Screaming has provided some good family friendly one liners as well :)

(obsessed with coffee much...)

Now to spread some Squirrelly love
Ophelia from Latina Mama Rama
Heather from Frugal Fit Family

I hope you will accept this award, and share your quirks with us!! Thank you Penny! XO

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