Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ask Away Friday {Questions from Improving Me with Keia Lee}

It's Friday!! I love Fridays. 

The Real Housewife of Caroline County
I missed the past two #AskAwayFridays... but I'm back!  
I'm happy to be back to this fun linky; I'm also happy to interview and be interviewed by the lovely, sweet, and inspiring Keia from 

Keia blogs about improving herself and keeping positive, which in my book is a win!
After you read my asnwers to Keia's questions, I'd love for you to read her answers to my questions.

1. What is the first thing you do every morning? 
I wake up twice.  I wake up when my husband leaves to work and give him kisses, I usually fall back to sleep.  If that is the case it's time for me to fight with my phone alarm....

2. What is the #1 thing that can make you smile every time you think about it?
Well I'm a cornball... but family time.  When I think of different things we've done as a family it makes me smile.  I find myself reminiscing often, when it's me alone thinking of them.  I love my family.

3. What inspires you to keep pushing your blog forward? 
My bloggy friends :) I don't want to give up on y'all!  I love the interaction I get with other bloggers, I don't want to stop that.  Part of being a blogger, is helping me progress :)
I'm not in my box anymore... I'm open, I'm getting thoughts out and building bonds.

4. What motivates you to always be a "work in progress"?
My kids.  I always want to work towards being the best/healthiest me for them.  I honestly feel children learn through the environment given to them {nature/nurture}.  I try to encompass positivity, love, and kindness, therefore my children will go out into the world and do the same.  

Hopefully, the kids won't stay up late at night talking about how my husband and I did things wrong... 

5. What is your favorite thing about being a Mommy?
Yikes, this is tough! I love so many things about being a Mommy!! I love their laughter, having three built in comedians, but I guess if I'm narrowing it down.. it's the love I receive.  The I love you Mamas, kisses, hugs, thank yous, smiles, all the things that fill my bucket ;)

6. What is your all time favorite book?  
Again, another tough question... I love sooooo many books! I'm a huge children's book lover and I love Edgar Allen Poe.  However, this book captivated me in Honors English back in High School... a couple years ago ;) Okay a decade
When I heard they were remaking the movie I got so excited! I couldn't wait to see the movie, I waited in suspense for years.  I still haven't seen it :/

7. What is a quote you refer to often for inspiration?  For example mine is "Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself."
I've become quite the quote collector.... but I'm loving this one.

8. What is something you are currently working on improving in your life?
My health and forgiveness.

9. When you were little what did you want to be when you "grew up"? 
Gee... I wanted to be so many things a singer, actor, writer, magazine editor, teacher, and Mommy.  I can say I've scratched a few off my list ;)

10. When you look at your life from the outside in what do you see? Are you happy? 
Yes!  I never thought I'd ever have this kind of life.  There are days I want to pinch myself, because life is good and I'm so happy... I just want to make sure it's real and it's mine.  
I'm married to my best friend, we have three amazingly sweet, beautiful, smart, and funny children and a hairy one too {dog}.  We may not be rich and from time to time we live check-to-check but the love here is deep! The laughter, the togetherness, and the happiness...
I never knew what my kids know...
And that's okay, perhaps that's why I'm a work in progress.
Perhaps that's why I try so hard to make sure these kids and Mr. AOK know they are loved.

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