Saturday, August 10, 2013

Y'all really like me?

This blogging gig is suh-weet! I'm meeting the most beautiful people.  Bloggers, (well at least my circle) have the sweetest, biggest, and most genuine hearts.  I'm developing a real sense of community within the blogoshphere, which makes my heart happy.

Naturally, when other bloggers tell you-> "you're doing great" or "hey, you deserve an award" you feel happy, and if you are me-- you're all SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  
Me... again.. me..? 
{I swear I'm NOT Taylor Swifting this, I'm truly happy, honored, and surprised y'all believe I deserve an award!}

You ladies are starting to make my head swell! Seriously.  I'm gonna start drinking the awesome sauce, and then what's going to happen? 

So, what am I going on about already, right?  Well, I was nominated by two different darling bloggers for some awards, and I want to thank both of them!

Penny @The Real Housewife of Caroline County nominated me for 

I'm honestly thankful for this award, Penny!! 
Versatile sounds better than RANDOM, and I know I'm quite random. I like Versatile ;) Thank you!
Penny is a sweetie, I'm enjoying getting to know her better and encourage you to do the same.

I was also given a BOUQUET of THREE awards by one of my favorite bloggers>> The Vanilla Housewife!<<

If you haven't read her blog, you're missing out!!
I love her whit and her drawings... and her sweet heart.
Get to know @TheMissusV too!

Okay, so both of my lovely nominators would like me to share 7 randoms about myself. 

1. This is not my first blog. 
2. I use to blog under an alias 
3. I blogged about my anxiety
4. Blogging about my anxiousness; I thought might help.
5. I was dealing with my parents separation/divorce and the house of cards tumbling down around me.
6. I have never shared that with anyone...
7. I'm doing better now, and I realize I cannot save everyone.
8. That was a weight off my chest... 
Double Bonus:
9. I'm just now okay with calling myself a blogger... 
Thank all of you for your love and support! XOXO

And now it's my turn to nominate some deserving bloggers!  I'm going to pick some new blogs I've been reading lately. 
Please do not feel as though you have to accept this award.  I just wanted to pay it forward, and let you know I think you're doing awesome! XOXO

Don't forget to link-up to the Sorry, Not Sorry Social

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