Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{Wordless{ish} Wednesday} MyWeekend.

It has been a while since I've done a WW, and considering I've been crazy busy, this is just what I need. 
This weekend I celebrated 12 years with my best friend, we had a beautiful weekend with our babies, reminiscing with them.  We took the kids on our "magic mystery tour", which was just my husband & I, showing the three of them important places to us, throughout our life here in Illinois.  It's crazy how time flies.  

We also stopped by this new sushi place, that was AWE.SOME! I've seen rotary sushi places on T.V but have never been, so, going to the new rotary sushi place here was a new experience for our whole family.  My babies are just like my hubby and I, they can tear-up sushi! And since it was our anniversary weekend, it was all good--dig in!
We, of course, went to our little downtown area, which is such a big part of our life {above with family}.  
My husband and I have spent many weekends there with and without children, but mostly with a child.. or two... or three :)
I just love this man! I love our life!
I love him so much... I wrote a little storybird for him.

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