Monday, March 4, 2013

Annnnnnd I'm....

Yes, it's true I still have the cooties! I'm going back to the Doc's today to see if they can fix me.
Last time I went I was told to drink plenty of fluids... which I guess didn't mean coffee J
 Anywho I thought I was getting better but I just can't kick the boogies. 
I don't feel horrible-> just gross because I'm sniffing and hacking--ECK!
This weekend I started working on another Family Wall <3 
I'll take some pix to show y'all.
The wall is filled with colorful frames to add some color to my living room.
I'm so ready for SPRING!!
I added this saying {below} to the wall but not sure if it's going stay.
Who doesn't love family and Lilo & Stitch?

At least I have a cool sick voice...
Wish you all GOOD HEALTH!!!

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