Monday, February 4, 2013

My Favorite Part of the Super Bowl

So, like many across the globe my family was huddled {pun totally intended} around the television ready for the big game.  I wasn’t to invested in the game because well my team didn’t make it there L.  However as much as I like Colin Kaepernick... I don’t like the thought of the Niners having one up on my Boys {Superbowl wins}.  And as much as I use to look forward to Superbowl commercials not so much anymore because>>> well I have 3 kids &>> those Go Daddy commercials are just too much (we had to watch the game on delay).  Everyone was anticipating and talking about Beyonce’ but to me the performance of the night was not her at all.  Sure she is a great performer but Jennifer Hudson that lady can sing!  To me this performance with her & the Sandy Hook Elementary students whew. It took my breath.  The children and Jennifer Hudson sounded incredible! 

The significance {to me} of Jennifer Hudson and those 26 beautiful babies performing together is something else.  I remember when Jennifer Hudson’s family faced their horrific tragedy—it was terrible she lost her mother, brother, and everyone here in Chicagoland waited to hear for two days what the whereabouts of her 7-year-old nephew were; just to hear we lost him too, to gun violence. Those babies lost so much to gun violence as well.  For the Sandy Hook Chorus and Jennifer Hudson to sing America the Beautiful was a sign of love and hope amidst heartbreak.  This performance was my favorite not the commercials not the blackout not the turnaround or even the win.  
What about you?  
Enjoy this day! xo

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