Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fill Your Boots!

Source: flickr.com via Mrs_ on Pinterest

It's December 6th, St. Nicholas Day!
I know there is great story behind St.Nick's day about a great man 
St. Nick's day is more of a great memory for me.
I grew up an Army brat and with that I got the privelage to live in 
Germany holds great memories for me and that is where my family was introduced to
St. Nicholas Day.
All the kids in our housing would put out plastic boots given to us
hoping St. Nick would fill our boots.
If he did that meant we most probably were getting a visit on the 25th : )
We came back to the states and we lost that tradition....
Then I married my hubby.
Mr_AOK's mom is German, so he grew up with this tradition.
Yes, I was back in with Jolly Ol' St. Nicholas!
My husband grew up with a fancy smancy glass boot... no plastic for him.
His boot is now what we may call vintage ; ) and has been passed down to our eldest baby.
{The boot has been refurbed}
Baby girl has a newer boot I found at Das Target.
And well baby boy he doesn't have a boot yet.... 3 years later : (
but we just been using his actual boots.
heute Morgen
...this morning..

I thought it would be fun to go pinning some St. Nicholas day inspired pix on

& Pinterest didn't let me down!
Take a look-

Source: bhg.com via Mrs_ on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Mrs_ on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Mrs_ on Pinterest
                                                       Do you celebrate St. Nick's day?

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