Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday with Etsy and Adele

Happy Saturday! 
 If you are new here Welcome and Thank You for joining me : )
 Saturday is the day I pick a song or have someone pick a song to make an Etsy Treasury List to. 
 This week I have chosen a song that was stuck in my head all week. Perhaps, it is because I was just astonished by Adele's performance on the MTV Video Music Awards. Her voice is just so lovely-- she totally captivated the audience.  In a sea of performers with no where near her talent, she silenced them with her depth. I have to say I am a FAN...yep I'm jumping on the wagon.. hands down she is one of my new faves ; ) And thus my treasury list is inspired by Adele's song Someone Like You.
Stumbled upon this video and found it quite intriguing... how bout you?
And here is my treasury list Someone like you : )


  1. Here from the Silly Sunday Hop to become your newest GFC follower. Love finding new blogs so I look forward to visiting often. I totally agree about Adele, I try and watch the VH1 video countdown each week and first heard her there. Have a fantastic Sunday!

  2. Thanks for joining...
    Adele just has this voice that demands your attention right? I love her cover of Love Song too : )
    Your Newest GF :)

  3. Awww I loved and hearted your treasury list! like that song too! :)


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