Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer School

In a perfect world I would have it all and home school the kids--they would grow-up to be super geniuses and rule the world.   But the world is not perfect nor am I... sigh.  However, in my world I try to make learning fun, incase the kiddos have some fuddy duddy (at school) who bores them with learning.
They'll always have Mama ; ) 
This summer is no different from any other summer- we have fun and we learn.  While I was on my bloggy hiatus I took pictures of some of their work, and thought I'd share with you. I know, I know, I'm a giver ; ) Earlier this summer we learned about the sea, sea coral, sea anemones, blowfish, and jellyfish.  We read all sorts of interesting facts-- a little to interesting at times.  
***There really should be a warning label in some of these books ATTENTION: Parents you are about to show the kids something you don't want to on page 10! (Shall we say.. sea rhymes with corn) Blah. I did not need to see that and thankfully I skipped that page! ***
The kids loved learning about the sea, they also had fun turning cupcake liners and coffee filters into beautiful sea inspired art.

I helped my lil' guy with his. The clam has a foil pearl ; )
Don't you just love little imaginations at work?


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