Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun Friday with the Kiddos

     Well our Friday wasn't Fancy or all about ...................................
The Royal Wedding
      Our Friday was a continuation of  learning to reuse items.  I wanted to reuse a cardboard box to help keep organized and clean.  The box would be an in between box for traveling toys that end up downstairs.
The irony of this project
Unfortunately it's not a magic box that cleans tables and children.

     I know these days are numbered-- where the kids and I will be able to take time out of the day to do these things : (  The kids will grow up and have their own lives... and I will miss painting and cleaning up paint.?.  Fridays are always a fun day for us, we paint or do some fun activity.  I still have the kids do some "school work" but Fridays we take time to have fun.  Some people have asked why I do what I do (bake, paint, cook with the kids)or how I have patience (?)-- and I explain "Some day I won't have this-- I want to enjoy it while I can."  I use to hate to hear the cliche' "They grow up so fast"  But guess what-- it's true! Right now I may hate picking up socks and cleaning up messes, but there will be a day I will miss the messes.  I love that our kitchen table is beat down-- its been used and used often.  Opps failed to mention I'm getting a new one.   
     Enjoy each other.  My Friday Love Affair this week--> mommies and papas (daddies) that take the time to enjoy everyday with their babies.  "You are doing a great job!"-- they will remember that. Or at least I hope they will.  
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  1. Awww, I feel so honored! Thank you for mentioning our blog! :)

    I LOVE that toy box! What a great idea! I would need about 100 - my girls ahve pretty much taken over our house - upstairs & downstairs! :)



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