Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday with Paper Planes, more Planes, and Etsy

If you are new here---> welcome! 
 Every Saturday I pick a song and then make an Etsy treasury for said song... It pretty cool! (said like SNL Miley Cyrus)  

Anyways I hope you enjoy this weekends songs.....

     I found this amazing cover of MIA's Paper Planes-- the first 27 sec. is of the girl talking, but I promise it is worth the wait she did GREAT!

And after you listen to the cover of MIA you gotta go here for the original

I personally love the beginning of the song-- I think it is the whole reason I watched SlumDog Millionaire... great movie you should check out if you haven't--->Guess what it's not about Bollywood like one may have thought, with all the dancing in the promos.  

     I couldn't do a treasury about Planes and not include B.o.B and Haley Williams from Paramore : )  When this song came out I couldn't get enough of it.  B.o.B kinda reminds me of Andre 3000 and I {heart} Outkast!

Now for the treasury you have been waiting for----> You can go check this out HERE
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