Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday Find/ Love Affair---> Uniquely You by Tonya : )

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Lucky me : )... I get to feature this amazing Etsian-- Tonya makes magic happen with her *breathtaking* belt buckles and rings.  Y'all know this Texas girl couldn't pass up a buckle...
One of my faves in her shop!
What makes Uniquely you so-- unique? 
You can help design your own belt buckle!  And get this, you can add a special charm of your own, or a scanned picture/artwork to your belt buckle.  "AMAZING RIGHT?"

Tonya uses vintage crystals to create her gorgeous buckles and rings...

Please check out Tonya at :
I love her work and I think you will too.  

#Support Handmade

Thank you Tonya for allowing me to feature you and your stunning work <3!

Gift idea anyone?


  1. How creative! There's more than one there that I'd love to own. :)


  2. Me too! I love all of Tonya's work : )


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