Friday, July 5, 2013

Thrift Shopping

I'ma take your grandma's style.... 

In an effort to become more conscious in multiple domains my family and I are participating in a 365 Thrift Challenge.  We are going to try to live more consciously in regard to: our over-consumerism, our ecological footprint on this world, and our thriftiness. 

{Those shoes are my first personal thrift store purchase}
Have you ever stepped into a thrift store? You would be in awe. 
These stores are filled with hella-nice and oh-hell-no!  Seriously, we live in a world of over-consumerism, so, you are likely to find countless clothes with their original tags!  Haven't you ever purchased something you never wore or gifted but you meant to?
One particular thrift store in my area receives Target's clearanced-out goods and sales them---> DIRT CHEAP! 
The thing is..... I am a bit of a germaphobe but I'm also a greenie {eco-friendly}.  Thankfully I know how to sanitize like a boss!  So, a thrift shopping I will go!
I want to lessen my impact- meaning I will work within what we already have (via thrift stores and consignment stores).  Most clothes we purchase come from somewhere on the other side of the world and are shipped from factory-to-factory; this process has a nasty carbon footprint.  Also why not reuse?  For the longest time I would pick-up household items from Goodwill and turn them into something new with a can of spray paint and elbow grease, but I never thought to pick-up clothes for me or the kiddos.

Thrifty Pants
Kids clothes aren't cheap especially when they {the kids} go through jeans at rapid speed, times three.  I've been able to find designer jeans in perfect condition for $3 for my kiddos.  Which, is going to save me big! At first I thought my kids were going to revolt, the thought of using 'used' clothes; this thankfully hasn't happened!

My kids have been okay with the process and probably now acquire more "designer" clothes than ever before.  We've also been able to piece together their own style, that they can create without other kiddos sporting the exact same look.  

The Fine Print
I'm a sucker for a Target Red Tag special but I'm shying away from those beautiful tags till next June!  That's right next June!  We will not buy new clothing except for: under garments, earrings, and shoes.  We are allowed to buy new clothing if we receive a gift card, or if I am reviewing something for my blog or Tots to Teens Magazine.

This is bound to be an interesting endeavor with three kiddos, my husband and I but we are determined to stick with it. 
I've started to look for thrifty blogs and I'm liking>> Looking Fly on a Dime for inspiration.  
I thought this video was kind of cute, it reminds me of my suburban Chicagoland. Check back this weekend for 4th of July pix and yummy lemonade. XO 
Lena B, Actually

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