Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Blogger's Daughter... {Wordy Wordless Wednesday}

I just hated that my little artist was sick last week, but selfishly I kinda liked it.  Let me explain... I didn't like that she was sick! 
I loved that she was home with me, and we got to spend Mommy and Me time. 

She just makes me so happy!  We colored, read, had Starbucks, and she made me LAUGH my head off :)  
She is such a funny gal... wonder where she get's that from.?.
Oh, she is also a mini blogger!
Well, she doesn't have a blog but she is always assisting me on what I should blog, pin or tweet.
For instance, she took this picture while she was home sick.
"Mommy this should go on the blog."
She staged the picture!!! 
Don't you just love her!
Look mihija it's on the blog... for you mi amor! 
Love my little artist up to the moon and back.

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